DIY-Assisted Remodeling

Need a little help with that ‘DIY’ project?

DIY - Assisted Remodeling and Contracting

We all would like to think we can handle all of our home repairs ourselves with a little google searching and HGTV binge watching. Truth is, you can’t gutt and remodel an entire kitchen in two weeks. ( Add a few months to that timeline.) You can’t remove a tub and create a walk-in tiled shower with a frameless glass door in a day either. And – only 31% of all small projects did NOT require additional assistance from a professional.

Are you in need of a home remodel, addition, finish and fixture replacement or other home upgrades? Interested in some DIY work, but know you can’t handle the full scope and are in need experienced assistance? An increasing number of homeowners are taking on home remodeling projects, and facing challenges they can’t handle alone along the way. 

In recent years, One Room at a Time, Inc. has coordinated partial ‘by-owner’ work with our experienced trade knowledge as an owner-contractor partnership on multiple projects.


  • Cost-savings
  • Pride in ownership
  • DIY lifestyle
  • Inspections, permitting, design

How can we help?

Let us handle the tough stuff.

  • Design and plans for permit with required structural and framing details, material take-offs and project estimating
  • Key demolition of structural or complex conditions
  • General Contracting woth our qualified, licensed professional (electrical, roofing, mechanical, plumbing) that you cannot take on yourself
  • Education – Assistance where and when needed for by-owner items. Guidance for material and finish selections and quantities and assistance with building inspections, handling the “tough stuff” so you can concentrate on enjoying your DIY process.

When it comes to replacing roofs and siding, replacing windows or remodeling kitchens, homeowners are more likely to contract with a pro. (

Project Items by Owner

  • Selective Demolition
  • Painting and Staining


With experience, education and assistance: (local classes or our guidance):

  • Tiling
  • Drywall install or patching
  • Floor Install
  • Hardware installation
  • Closet fabrications

In a pre-construction walk-through, once all the planning and work responsibilities have been established, One Room at a Time, Inc will pinpoint items that we need to handle, such as installing load-bearing headers where walls are removed, disconnecting electrical or plumbing, wall bracing prior to demolition, and more.

DIY-Assisted Remodeling

Why take the risk of spending your hard-earned dollars on a project that doesn’t give you the result you deserve, and could potentially cost more in the long run? Partner with us, and we can give you the guidance you need.
A new survey from “breaks down the downside of DIY, with some cold, hard truths about tackling projects yourself. Of the 2,000 Americans surveyed, nearly two out of three — 63 percent — said they regretted doing at least one of their home improvement projects, and one in three reported they had to call in a pro to redo the job. The biggest disappointment — at 55 percent — among DIYers was that it didn’t look good.” (nbcnews)

DIY To-Do Wish List

Contact Us to help you establish a “WISH LIST” for 2020, and setup a meeting to discuss the scope.

  • Determine whether doing some of the work yourself is feasible. Honestly, it isn’t for everyone. We can handle it all for you if you would rather just watch.
  • Can you get your portions of the work done without slowing up the process? Large gaps in the schedule require us to move on to other clients’ work while we wait to come back and finish yours. The best scenario will keep the project moving along with all parties involved.

Review your financial budget

  • Know what your project will cost with our up-front itemized estimates. Includes ALL labor, trades,  finishes, fixtures, permitting and installation for an ALL-INCLUSIVE price. .

Make a realistic list of items you can take on yourself, with expectations to complete the work. (Living with unfinished projects is never easy.)

  • While “friends” and family can assist homeowners, this can slow down the process based on their availability. Most jurisdictions require the major work (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc) are performed by licensed trades. Yes – you need a permit!
  • We want your finished product to be beautiful and quality. Examples of what can go wrong when the experience and installation know-how isn’t there.
  • Trimwork by owner with gaps over 1/8″ wide.
  • Grout between tiles that is very uneven and tiles set unlevel, tiled showers without the proper waterproofing and pan installation, prone to leaks and mold growth over time.
  • Cabinets installed unlevel making countertop installation impossible.
  • Improper electrical wiring and framing, not passed with inspections.
  • Garage doors installed unlevel, causing doors to not open or ride on rails properly.
  • Non-code compliant “EVERYTHING”. Know the codes – or let us confirm everything is properly done.
  • Purchasing “inexpensive” fixtures and finishes that resulted in poor quality, non-returnable, or problematic installations. Not all tile is equal. Many overstock tiles are not square, inexpensive LVT flooring can scratch or wear quickly, and on and on. (Your contractor should purchase from proven manufacturers, suppliers and products with a warranty, and can typically purchase them at reduced pricing to save cost.)

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